Weight Training

This Is Your Brain on Weights

10 Celebrities With Famously Flat Abs (and How They Got Them)

The good news is, you can have enviable abs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston, maybe even in time for summer bikini season. The bad news? You are going to have to work hard and maintain a strict diet if you want a lean, mean physique like Hollywood’s healthiest leading...

Bone-Strengthening Workouts You Need to Try

While stress may be bad for your heart, some form of it is actually great for your bones. We’ve all heard that weight-bearing exercise can strengthen bones, but what exactly does that mean? Lifting weights or pounding the pavement? Both, it turns out. Weight-bearing activities like running or...

Should You Invest in a Battle Rope?

The Key to Keeping the Weight Off

Weight Train to Battle Belly Fat

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