Take It From the Celebrity Doula: How to Experience the Best Labor

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 3.9 million American women will give birth in the next 12 months. Bringing a child into the world is perhaps one of the most gloriously fulfilling events of a new parent’s life, but it can also be extremely terrifying. Luckily, there are things that can be...

Anastasia Ashley Reveals How She's #LivingHealthy

The Real Price of Egg Donation

Why Ronda Rousey Gives Us Ultimate Body Goals

The Link Between Your Glossy Nails and Your Hormones

'Holla!' for Health: Q&A With Former 'Real Housewives of New York' Star Heather Thomson

There is life after being a housewife! Just ask Heather Thomson, who recently announced her planned departure from the Real Housewives of New York franchise after the 2015 season. Her post-reality TV plan? Focus on growing her shapewear company, Yummie by Heather Thomson, and pursuing a new...

Julie Bowen on Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

As mother-of-three Claire Dunphy on the hit show Modern Family, Julie Bowen is one of television’s most famous moms, but her parenting skills go far beyond primetime. In real life, the 45-year-old brand ambassador for Neutrogena has three boys of her own. She doesn’t care if her kids can catch a...

FDA May Approve 'Women's Viagra'

Women and Whiskey—Together, Now More Than Ever

Nicole Pandolfo, a New York City writer, 30, remembers the first time she tasted whiskey, and it brings a huge smile to her face. Pandolfo grew up with her grandmother in New Jersey, and every night, right before dinner, Pandolfo’s grandmother would have Pandolfo make her a Manhattan, the classic...

Why Cow Colostrum (not Milk) Speeds Up Weight Loss

How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment

LivingHealthy Q&A With Shel Pink, Slow Beauty Movement Founder

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