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5 Exercises for Better Sex

Sex and fitness make for common bedfellows. Getting good at one, usually makes you better at the other. How else do you explain a shared usage of so many verbs: thrusting, pumping, lunging, flexing, and squatting (we could go on but things would get a bit risqué). But while a healthy and active...

Celebrity Trainer Ashley Conrad’s 'Hotel Room Shakedown' Workout

Just because you’re traveling and don’t have access to your regular gym or workout classes doesn’t give you the excuse to slack off when it comes to fitness! Ashley Conrad, CEO/founder of Clutch Bodyshop and a celebrity trainer who has shaped up the likes of Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson and...

The Bad-Ass Side of Yoga, Brought to You by Dylan Werner

If yoga enthusiast and instructor Dylan Werner has a weakness, it’s certainly not strength or flexibility. Just watch his Instagram video post, below. WOW. Central Park. Not really a flow. More just jumping and moving through handstand transitions. A video posted by Dylan Werner...

Could This Be the Highest-Calorie-Burning Workout Class?

It’s 6:30 p.m. on Monday and celebrity trainer Jason Walsh transforms a bright, sunny room into a dark nightclub—if nightclubs were full of exercise equipment. “Here we go,” he says calmly, marking the start of a grinding 30-minute, full-body workout. A full spectrum of neon lights shines from...

Wellness Watch: How Exercise Makes You Smarter

Power of Good: UNICEF’s Fitness Band Keeps Kids Active and Helps Save Lives

Proof of Mind Over Matter: How a Placebo Can Make You Perform

Science Says Exercise Could Determine If We Make It to 100

10-Minute Bursts of Exercise Show Remarkable Results

5 Fat-Busting, Calorie-Burning and Body-Toning Outdoor Winter Workouts

Burn It Before You Eat It: 6 Workouts to Undo Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a holiday spent with family, friends and food… a lot of food. And we sure love our Thanksgiving meals—so much so that the average person consumes more than 3,000 calories, if not more, in a single sitting. Despite the satisfying deliciousness and socially connectedness of it all,...

9 Basketball Workouts to Improve Strength and Conditioning

The beginning of fall marks the changing of the leaves, comfortable sweaters and, best of all, the return of basketball season. Watching your favorite college or pro team return to hard court might make you want to shoot some hoops yourself, so why not make it a full-on workout? Whether you want...

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