Celebrity Trainer Ashley Conrad’s 'Hotel Room Shakedown' Workout

Just because you’re traveling and don’t have access to your regular gym or workout classes doesn’t give you the excuse to slack off when it comes to fitness! Ashley Conrad, CEO/founder of Clutch Bodyshop and a celebrity trainer who has shaped up the likes of Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson and...

The Bad-Ass Side of Yoga, Brought to You by Dylan Werner

If yoga enthusiast and instructor Dylan Werner has a weakness, it’s certainly not strength or flexibility. Just watch his Instagram video post, below. WOW. Central Park. Not really a flow. More just jumping and moving through handstand transitions. A video posted by Dylan Werner...

Could This Be the Highest-Calorie-Burning Workout Class?

It’s 6:30 p.m. on Monday and celebrity trainer Jason Walsh transforms a bright, sunny room into a dark nightclub—if nightclubs were full of exercise equipment. “Here we go,” he says calmly, marking the start of a grinding 30-minute, full-body workout. A full spectrum of neon lights shines from...

Wellness Watch: How Exercise Makes You Smarter

Put Your Finger on It: What Is Your Pulse Telling You About Your Health?

What’s in a pulse? More than you think. Those little rhythmic beats hold clues to the state of your fitness as well as your heart. What’s more, getting to know your pulse not only gives you insight into your physical health, but it can also help you reduce stress and anxiety once you learn how to...

Power of Good: UNICEF’s Fitness Band Keeps Kids Active and Helps Save Lives

Proof of Mind Over Matter: How a Placebo Can Make You Perform

Does Sweating More Equate to a Better Workout?

That drip, drip, drip down your back during exercise is your friend—sweat happens so we don’t overheat and pass out. But the process of sweating is very individual; every body has its own perspiration point. So should your workouts be hot and sweaty or cool and dry? Experts say it’s largely a...

Science Says Exercise Could Determine If We Make It to 100

3 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Walk More

10-Minute Bursts of Exercise Show Remarkable Results

Why a Guilt-Free Approach to Fitness Pays Off

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