Try this yoga routine to alleviate pelvic floor pain

Pelvic floor pain is undoubtedly uncomfortable for those who suffer from it. If you have experienced problems urinating (in frequency, pain or interrupted streams), constipation and painful intercourse (orgasms and sexual stimulation), you may well have it. However, you’d have to first speak to...

Adulting is hard, but this short yoga exercise isn’t!

It’s all a mess! Your life. One minute you’re juggling emails like chainsaws. The next you’re trying to figure out how you mistook yams for sweet potatoes at the store, and blew your entire paycheque on wine. Or was it shoes? Adulting can often lead to self-neglect as we struggle to balance our...

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Is Yoga Better Solo or in Class?

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Who Turned Up the Heat?

And Meditation For All

No longer just for yogis and Zen masters, meditation is quickly infiltrating the mainstream, manifesting in studios that promise an accessible, non-spiritual approach. Classes popping up around the country give hopeful, novice and experienced meditators an alternative to Soul Cycle and a way to...

Yoga May Provide Similar Health Benefits to Cycling or Brisk Walking

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